One On One Yoga Classes

Cost: $60 a Session / Session Length: One Hour

I love cultivating YOUR balance, rhythm, strength and stability. By getting in a classroom with me for a one on one session, we’ll look to teach you a variety of techniques exercised by Yogis and practitioners alike. From posture (asana) to breathing techniques (pranayama) to meditation (dhyana and dhurana), we can dive into the intricacies (like anatomical / spiritual equivalencies) with a one on one session. It matters not your experience level. I'll teach you grounding techniques, meditation techniques, and more. Normally, we'd prefer to be in a studio setting, however, arrangements can be made to where the one on one session is done in-home, in various environments, or any other studio. Let's get you 'FLY''ing!

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Our nutritional advice services are a valuable option along with any yoga exercise regimen. We understand you have personal goals and we want to help you meet them. We care about your wellbeing and will provide positive reinforcement to keep you encouraged and empowered. Our service includes analyzing and supporting your exercise habits, attitude, and other areas of your lifestyle so your health and wellness can be at its best. We will discuss and create nutritional options that address your needs. We review food groups, food selection, supplement recommendations, and guidelines for proper food and cooking preparations.

Group Led Classes

Cost: $20 per participant Session (Min. 4 Participants) Length: One Hour and a Half.
Group led instructed classes focusing on communion and unity through chanting (mantra), unified asana sequences and sealed with savasana / meditation . Mostly vinyasa/restorative based.

‘FLY’ Nutrition Consultation + Action Plan

Cost: $120 - Two Sessions - One Hour Sessions

Here, we’ll look at habits, attitudes, beliefs and temperaments and assess what is already working from life for the client. Once an understanding is built for the client within the hour consultation, we’ll establish goals, provide tools for meeting those goals, and provide assistance such as nutrition plans and recommended buying at the grocery stores within an action plan. The action plan will be delivered before the 2nd consultation. Through the knowledge of the coach, we’ll enable the client to be self sufficient in a toxic world by having a structured meal/exercise plan.

Nutrition Coaching

Working with you and your body’s specific needs, we will develop in you a nutritional lifestyle that will enable you to achieve your aims in fitness or weight loss efficiently and healthily. Our expert team are fully trained in nutritional advice and will construct for you totally personalised plans for a healthy lifestyle and to aid any training programs you might be on. We want to instill in you a habit of healthy eating that you will take with you into the future and someone is on call to start you down this road whenever you’re ready. Simply give us a call today.


Our skilled and experienced yoga instructors understand the importance and significance of proper meditation. The meditation service includes engaging in unique body poses and breathing techniques. With years of experience, this service provides a variety of relaxation techniques to encourage mental, spiritual and emotional healing. Such techniques are trending among people of all ages because they are easy to adopt and practice on a regular basis. We guide you as you establish an effective and calming experience many practitioners are known for recommending to others.

Small Group Workshops

Yoga classes can be intimidating when they are large and numerous, but many gyms and classes refuse to function unless certain quotas are met. But for those students who appreciate small groups, we are now proud to offer small group workshops. These workshops teach physical fitness and yoga skills and practices but in the comforts of smaller more intimate groups. This is perfect for anyone who wants more individualized attention or prefers to take their lessons with smaller numbers of others to help. Give us a call to ask about our next workshop session and how you can get involved.

Vinyasa Yoga

If you want to bring your yoga classes to the next level, then you should consider signing up for the Vinyasa Yoga classes at our gym. These classes are designed to take you through routines that flow from one pose to the next with the grace of the most experienced yoga practitioners but are easy enough that even beginners can enjoy the benefits. This class is guaranteed to get your heart racing and help shave off the calories, with only a fraction of the difficulty of more advanced classes. Best of all is that our experienced and friendly instructors are ready to guide you through the poses, so that, over time, Vinyasa Yoga becomes as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is call our gym and arrange your spot in one of our Yoga classes. Don't delay, call us today.

Rhythmic Based Practice

For some yoga practitioners, nothing becomes easier than doing yoga poses with music to help guide your movements. That's the principle behind our transformative rhythmic based practice. We offer classes that use the benefits of music to help ease and relax our students so that moving from one pose to the next almost feels like second nature. You'll be amazed with how much these yoga classes can help improve your health and life, as our friendly instructors help you become yoga experts. Don't delay, schedule your spot in our classes today.

‘FLY’ One On One Mind Body Wellness Consultatation

Cost: $90 a Session Session Length: One Hour and a Half

At ‘FLY’, your objective could range from how to eat better with a limited budget, to understanding the complexities of a press handstand. We seek to support you wherever you're at in your journey. In my first ten minutes with you for this service, we'll establish your personal goals and objectives. From here, I'll support you as we aim to achieve that goal. As I tend to be more practical, this one on one consultation is better suited for a spiritual setting such as a studio and is normally accompanied with a meditation. For the entire hour and a half, I'll be your personal coach, instructor, and medium.

Restorative Yoga

When injury or stress brings you down, it can feel impossible to return to great physical, emotional, and mental health. But we know one secret that has helped many with overcoming injury and stress to return to peak wellness. That secret is the restorative yoga class provided by our wellness practitioners. These classes use a variety of poses, props, and techniques to help our students recover from life's worst accidents and stresses and, over time, may help you overcome your injuries and stress as well. To sign up for a class, all you have to do is call one of our locations and ask to speak with a yoga instructor regarding our restorative yoga classes. You won't be disappointed.

Mixed Calisthenics-Yogic Practice

There's a hot new trend in Yoga that combines the strength training of calisthenics to the health improving practice of yoga. This mixed calisthenics-yogic practice uses techniques from both practices to provide a full body experience that helps improve your aerobic health and improve your total wellness. Best of all is that our instructors have been trained in these poses and techniques so that you can rest assured that what you learn in our class will carry you through your total body wellness journey. All you have to do is call or visit one of our locations and ask to speak with a trainer or sign up for one of our mixed calisthenics-yoga classes. Don't delay, call us today.

Functional Movement Coaching

Yoga classes are great for improving your health and wellness, but some students like you might feel that the poses are unrealistic and would not be used in your day to day life. That's why we now offer functional movement coaching at our many locations. These classes teach you how you can use yoga principles and techniques to move better in your day to day life. You'll stand with confidence and walk with pride, knowing that what you learn in our classes is not just useful but realistic. Best of all is that our instructors are all yoga practitioners, so you can trust that what you learn will further your fitness goals. Call us today to ask about our functional movement classes and sign up to take part in this life-changing practice.


The pranayama yoga service includes various types of deep abdominal breathing while providing different levels of relaxation throughout the body. As a service growing in popularity, we help practitioners maintain a level of comfort. Through ongoing practice, you work to sustain breathing that helps improve and increase natural energy. We work with beginners and the experienced to ensure an enjoyable session that awakens the body. Our pranayama service is commonly sought by those looking for natural stress and anxiety relief.

Lifestyle Advice

Our lifestyle advice service helps you find a balance between daily living and being healthy. Using studied techniques known as the science of life, you will learn about different yoga techniques and which are best for your lifestyle. You will learn more about your body type, get nutrition recommendations, and understand how elements of exercise and nutrition play an important role in establishing balance in your life. Breathing techniques, yoga practice, mind training and nutrition all come together to help you establish and maintain a happier living experience.